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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see an old friend and meet her beautiful family.  I have known Leah since middle school (man that makes me feel old!)  I have always seen pictures of her beautiful babies but never saw them in person, so when she asked me to do her daughter's 1 year pictures plus a few family ones I was thrilled to do it!  This gorgeous family met me in downtown Olmsted Falls and right when we got there it started raining!  This did not bother the kids one bit.  They didn't mind running around in the rain!  Luckily it passed quickly and we were able to get on with our shoot!  Leah and Paul have 3 beautiful children, all of which are their total mini me's!   They are literally the complete 1/2 and 1/2 of each parent, and absolutely gorgeous!  They all have the most beautiful eyes (check the pics below!).  Little Harper was just about to turn 1, and is such a sweet little soul.  She did not fuss for 1 second for her pictures!  She just sat there, looked at the camera, looked at mom, and did her thing!  Such a beauty.  Mason, who was turning 2 the very next day, did not love the camera as much!  But lucky for us we still got some really cute pictures of him ;-)   The oldest child, Gavin, was a total ham the whole time!  He did such a great job trying to make his sister smile for her pictures and showed me his best dance moves too!  I think he was just excited to share Harper's cake later on!  I love photo sessions like this where I get a glimpse into the life of the family and see how the siblings interact.  There is so much love in this family and all I can say is my dear old friend did an amazing job raising these 3 babies!  (With the help of Paul too of course!)  I am so honored I got to do these pictures for them and so happy to have met them!   I hope you love their family pictures as much as I do!








Happy 1st Birthday Harper!!


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