Destination - ALASKA!

August 24, 2016  •  2 Comments


A few months ago Beth posted the most beautiful scenic pictures on Facebook.  She had also recently gotten engaged.  Jokingly, I commented on the photos and said Beth please get married in that beautiful spot and please let me photograph it!  I was joking, but not really ;-)  At the time, I thought the photos were taken in Denver, where she lives.  Little did I know, that WAS where her ceremony was going to be, but it wasn't in Denver, it was in Alaska!  Beth called me and asked if I would really want to come take her wedding photos and without hesitation I excitedly said yes of course!  And when she said "You do know its in Alaska right?"  I thought "Even better!!"  I can't tell you how honored I am that Beth and her now husband Jeff wanted us to fly out to do her wedding photography.  It truly meant the world to me!  To make it an even more amazing offer, she invited us to come out early and spend a few days sight seeing!  We had such an amazing time hiking, touring, adventuring out in Alaska, but the whole week all I really wanted to do was take the wedding photos!  

Beth and Jeff actually met 26 years ago.  They both attended University of Colorado and took a Music Theory class.  Even after Jeff returned to Alaska, where he was born and raised, they remained friends and kept in touch all those years.  5 years ago Beth flew to Alaska for a visit, and Jeff knew he would not let her go again.  They started dating, and the rest is history!  They got engaged a few short months ago, but decided to plan their wedding for August 20th, because that is also the date of Jeff's parent's 50 year anniversary!  Beth's parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in November.  It was such a pleasure meeting and getting to know both sets of parents and see what great role models they are in life and in marriage.  I know Beth and Jeff will have just as blessed of a life and marriage as they do too.

Their wedding day couldn't have been more beautiful.  Between the delicate handmade details, to the group of friends and family there to help, to the absolute perfect Alaskan weather you could ask for, their day was 100% perfect and they 100% deserved it.  Beth and Jeff are such a kind and adoring couple.  I constantly caught Jeff just smiling and looking at his bride with pure love.  Their love really shined through in their photos and it was such a beautiful thing to witness.  I am so happy we got to be there to capture their day and I already miss everyone!!  Can't wait to see them all again <3  Congratulations Beth and Jeff!  We wish you many blessed years of love and marriage!

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James Jeffery(non-registered)
The Browns are friends of such longstanding they feel like family. The skill of the photographer simply blows me away. Alaska certainly makes a spectacular backdrop but I was there for 32 years and took hundreds of pictures. Precious few came out like these. Thank you all. What a spectacular wedding!
James Brown(non-registered)
Beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding. Amazing job!
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